Rangala House Gourmet
Rangala House Gourmet

Rangala House is a small, top class guest house in the foothills of the Knuckles mountain range in central Sri Lanka. Detailed information about the guest house can be found elsewhere on this website.

Rangala House has gained a reputation for the excellence of its cuisine, not because of an extensive international menu but because of the emphasis on simple dishes, properly cooked, using the finest locally sourced produce. The quality of the fresh fruit, vegetable and meats in Sri Lanka is first class and our policy at the guest house has been always to use these ingredients in preference to frozen or processed imports.

Where particular ingredients were not available, we set about producing them ourselves. For example, we have our own free range hens at Rangala House and (despite the attempted depredations of the local mongoose!) they keep us supplied with excellent eggs.

Although fresh tomatoes are plentiful, locally made sun-dried tomatoes were not available, so we decided to remedy the situation. Tropical humidity is such that sun drying is not sufficient, on its own, to achieve a good product. We therefore built a wood-fired oven in order to finish the drying process.

When friends and acquaintances discovered what we were up to, there was an instant demand for more and Rangala House Gourmet was born. Our aim is to produce a small range of gourmet products using the best Sri Lankan ingredients, thereby providing for the needs of local consumers, hotels, etc. and also helping the village farmers and growers who keep us supplied.

Rangala House Gourmet has now been established as separate business from Rangala House guest house.

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