Biking in Sri Lanka

There are excellent opportunities for cycling in Sri Lanka’s hill country, whether you are a beginner, an occasional cyclist or a seasoned biker. At Rangala House we are particularly lucky because of the biking opportunites on the tea estate tracks, as well as the mountain roads, many of which (though not all!) are in excellent condition. Cycling upcountry from Rangala House, the views are breathtaking and the air is pure. (Alas, air pollution in the towns and cities can be severe and this spoils the cycling experience.)

At Rangala House we have a set of four mountain bikes (2 regular size, 2 smaller) and these are available to hotel guests free of charge.

It goes without saying that due caution must be exercised and children should be closely supervised at all times. There are very steep drops to the side of many mountain lanes and the local buses need to be treated with care, especially on hairpin bends!

Some guests like just to go short distances, staying within the vicinity of the hotel – it’s great fun and not too taxing. Committed bikers can undertake much longer journeys. For example, it is possible to travel all the way to the village of Meemure, if you are prepared to dismount and wheel the bike over the centre2 km section where the road surface is extremely poor. (Meemure is in the heart of the Knuckles region – a village which has remained largely unchanged for several centuries). Cycling to the town of Teldeniya is great fun since it is all downhill! The Victoria dam and lakes are very picturesque. Unfortunately the journey back up the mountain is very hard work (unless of course we organize a vehicle to bring you and the bikes back up!)