View from the Verandah


All travel guides / books on Sri Lanka provide information regarding the weather, so that the pattern of two monsoons in the year is well known to travellers. There are two reasons for treating the standard advice with a pinch of salt, however. First, weather patterns here have been irregular and unpredictable in recent years, as they have been everywhere else. Second, Hill Country weather is, by its nature, changeable so that showers are to be expected from time to time even during the ‘dry’ season and fine days, likewise, are quite frequent even during monsoons. In general, the standard advice is still fairly reliable and, for the time being, the pricing policy at Rangala House is based on the usual ‘high season’ (November to March) and ‘low season’ (April to October). At an altitude of 3,127ft (953M), Rangala House seldom sees the temperature drop below 18°C and the night minimum is more usually around 21°C. Even so, it is well worth bringing a jacket or pullover for the evening. In the shade, the daily maximum is comfortably cooler than in the lowlands – typically about 29°C. In general, the weather is noticeably fresher than in Kandy and very much more pleasant than in Colombo.

“Thanks for pampering us with the amazing food and kind hospitality. The house is stylish and comfortable. It is the place to be!”
PJ – Praha, Czech Republic