View from the Verandah


The following details may be of interest:


Mosquitoes are to be expected in all tropical countries. Happily however, the problem is minimal in this part of the Hill Country and mosquitoes are far less prevalent here than in Kandy or the beach resorts, for example. Visitors may like to use insect repellent at dusk, just to be on the safe side, especially if the weather is rainy. Mosquito nets are never necessary. All bedroom windows have netted ventilators and electric repellent-vaporisers are also available. Insect repellent is certainly advisable when walking in the forest regions, however.


They are harmless enough but can be tiresome when walking in the tea estates or forest, if there has been recent rain. Good walking shoes/boots and socks are therefore advisable.

Scorpions & Snakes

An encounter with a scorpion or snake is very unlikely indeed so the faint-hearted should not be alarmed! Again, shoes/boots and socks will provide good protection. (Kandy General Hospital has excellent emergency procedures for all types of snake bite. It is recommended that treatment should be given within five hours of a bite so there is ample time to get there from Rangala House.) However, it is stressed that even to see a snake is extremely rare, let alone to be bitten by one - and the majority are in any case harmless!

Medical Facilities

There is only a very humble local clinic in the village nearby. In emergency, it is possible to get a doctor on call from Teldeniya - it would take him about 30 minutes to get to Rangala House. There are several private hospitals in Kandy. Those who have travelled in Sri Lanka before will know that an excellent range of medications and prescription drugs is widely available at a fraction of Western prices.

Disabled Access

Rangala House is built on a steep hillside with an average gradient of about 1 in 1. It follows, therefore, that there are many steps and steep paths in the gardens, grounds and access ways. Sadly, therefore, it is not possible to recommend this property for the infirm or disabled. For the same reason, it is not a suitable venue for very small children.

Swimming Pool

The pool is 4’ at the shallow end and 7’ deep at the deep end. Lifesaving staff are not available and swimming is undertaken at guests’ own risk. The pool is available for use 24 hours a day.


Rangala House is an environmentally friendly organization. Domestic water is provided from the hillside stream, which also supplies the swimming pool. No demands are made on the local mains water supply, therefore, though the house does have a mains connection as back-up. The hot water is solar heated and, as far as possible, modern low-energy or LED lighting is used, ensuring again that the local electricity supply is not burdened. The use of chemicals in the swimming pool is kept to the absolute minimum. Garbage is recycled or disposed of responsibly. Food waste is composted.