View from the Verandah


Anthony Newman
Rangala House is owned by Anthony Newman, a former UK teacher who, for nearly five years, was Vice Principal of the Kandy Branch of Colombo International School. He enjoyed living and working in Sri Lanka so much that he decided to settle there and bought Rangala House in 2003. His permanent residence is adjacent to the main villa and he is therefore ideally placed to act as host and guide during your stay.

“We covet your wonderful home! Good company, fabulous food and probably the very best views in Sri Lanka.”
JW – Canterbury, England

Sam Gunaratne
His business partner is Sam Gunaratne, a Kandyan born and bred with intimate knowledge of the area and its people. He is a keen golfer (handicap 9) and also a cricket fanatic who will be delighted to welcome anyone with cricketing interests. He is closely involved with the development of cricket at school level and regularly helps on a voluntary basis with coaching at the local school down the road.


Other members of the staff either live permanently on site or come in daily from the local village.

Amila is the manager and looks after maintenance, the vehicles, the pool and everything else! He joined us about four years ago. At that time he spoke little English but is now fluent – he’s a good linguist on top of his other skills!

Our permanent gardener is Vinson. The longest serving of the staff, he has been at Rangala House ever since its purchase in 2003. He is assisted by Ruwan, the youngest member of the team, who recently left school at the age of 17. Like Ruwan, Suranga lives with his parents very close by in the village. He is responsible for room cleaning and also table service.

Our resident chef is Sebastian who only joined the team recently. Fluent in English, he has long experience of cooking in various hotels and private houses, most recently at an exclusive villa on the South coast near Matara.






Rangala House is a privately run villa which is not affiliated to any hotel chain or agency. It is approved by the Tourist Board of Sri Lanka.